Casual Films is proud to announce New York’s first-ever Disrupt HR!

Photo by Martin Terber

Wait…you don’t know Disrupt HR? Stop the record!

Photo by Felix Huth

Let’s take it from the top.

The last decade has seen massive changes in every facet of business: marketing, client engagement, research and development, and even the work environment itself (Seamless and standing desks anyone?) 

HR is right there with them, but the changes haven’t been shouted from those well-trodden, meticulously branded mountaintops. 

HR pros are developing systems, integrating new technologies, and finding ways to emphasize the HUMAN in human resources. 

These changes are significant and are shifting the way talent is found, integrated, and developed. The downer is HR doesn’t have its Don Draper or Richard Branson, its Apple or Google, to evangelize and inspire.

Photo by David Shankbone

Enter Disrupt HR.

A place to synthesize the full range of thinking in the HR world. 

It’s a rapid-fire conference: 14 speakers with 5 spiel-minutes each and slides slipping by every 15 seconds. 

It’s like an over-caffeinated TED with one simple goal: to electrify, notify, and fortify HR pros. 

Casual Films is bringing this event to NYC on September 24th, 2015 at The Supermarket in TriBeCa (393 Broadway between White and Walker).

You can expect speakers from old-guard mainstays like Deloitte and fresh-on-the-scene innovators like ItBit. Don’t be fooled: they’re all pushing that HR envelope.

In the weeks leading up to this landmark event we’ll be posting video interviews, informational blogs, and more HR morsels for your enjoyment, so stay tuned. 

But in the meantime, go to EventBrite and get your ticket to NYC’s first-ever Disrupt HR!

And to whet your appetite, below is a pleasantly irked speech given by Laurie Ruettimann, formerly of the blog Cynical Girl.