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THE FILM WAS TO BE SHOWN AT AB'S 50TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY AND BEYOND TO CELEBRATE AB'S SUCCESS AND LONGEVITY The UK’s oldest internal communications agency – AB – commissioned Casual Films to create a special, eye-catching film to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The film needed to inspire, educate and inform about what AB does as a company, as well as celebrate the company’s half-century.

The film's premiere tied in with the launch of a new book, ‘From Cascade to Conversation’, written by AB managing director Katie Macaulay, and its accompanying website, – challenges organisations to rethink about how they communicate with their employees.

Founded in 1964, AB is an award-winning agency whose consultants, writers and designers create thought-provoking communications for a wide range of audiences, especially employees.

Creative treatment

The brief was to show how organisations need to rethink about how they communicate with their employees, and how AB can help. Casual Films proposed the idea of a handbuilt water fountain to illustrate this using a unique visual metaphor.

James Chamberlain, creative development manager at Casual Films, said: “The brief was to highlight how traditional forms of communication are no longer enough for companies to connect with their people. To show this in a creative way, we built a water fountain. Throughout the video the fountain is used as a metaphor to track the flow of communication and show how businesses need to focus on turning cascades into conversations. The film celebrates AB’s 50th year in business, and its people’s expertise in the communications industry.”

The biggest challenge faced by the Casual Films team was the actual construction of the water fountain. As it was handbuilt, it needed a degree of ingenuity. The film was shot in a studio with lighting, and a voiceover added later.

Client testimonials

AB testimonials
Managing director Katie Macaulay: “Wow, I absolutely love it.”

Publishing director Anthony Naughton: “I’m delighted with it. Thank you everyone for your hard work in bringing our film to life.”

Head of operations Tracy Gallagher: “I feel inspired, lifted and elated. It hits all the right spots. So pleased with the result and looking forward to sharing the vision with our team and clients."