European Stability Mechanism Recruitment Video

Shooting an impressive new film for the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) saw the Casual Films crew depart to Luxembourg for a jam packed few days of filming. The ESM is an important component of EU strategy, designed to safeguard financial stability within EU states, and to provide assistance to states suffering from financial difficulty. Creative communications agency Stafford Long are behind ESM's effective recruitment marketing and worked with Casual Films throughout on this project.

Stafford Long provided the initial brief and creative concept, to create an employer brand film outlining what it is like to work at the ESM, a relatively new yet vital part of the European government, in order to attract economists from all over Europe to come and work at their headquarters in Luxembourg.

The objectives of the film were to portray the ESM as a fulfilling, challenging and inspiring place to work; to showcase existing employees; raise the profile of the organisation and encourage applications from desirable candidates.

Stafford Long came up with an inspiring and informative creative treatment, which was interview led, yet interspersed with cutaways around and outside the office to show a diversity of environments amid the beautiful city of Luxembourg. The clips of life outside the office add greater context about working life at ESM, and give a flavour for what the interviewees are talking about. Use of aerial shots combined with close ups and aspirational language emphasise the positive work life balance available at ESM, and the opportunities available to employees of the organisation.

Possibly the biggest challenge the crew faced for this project was filming in a new country, but with experience shooting abroad, this particular job was not too problematic! Another challenge was fitting all of the interviews into the production schedule, to ensure there was a good variety of employees interviewed and sufficient interesting topics covered.

All the hard work paid off however as ESM were so pleased with the final result that they have requested many more films to be made through Casual Films! We are quite happy with the prospect of a few more Luxembourg trips on the horizon too!

Links to ESM's and Stafford Long's websites below: