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Casual is now the proud sponsor of 2.5 acres of rainforest!

(That’s 45 tennis courts worth of land, but there are too many trees and the ground’s too mushy for a good match. Plus all the predators. And bugs.)

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After a riveting screening of Obama’s Green Power Plan announcement, we here at Casual were, to say the least, inspired.
And this on the coattails of the Pope’s latest bestseller Laudato Si’, where we snagged this little motivational chestnut:

There can be no renewal of our relationship with nature without a renewal of humanity itself. There can be no ecology without an adequate anthropology.

Something must be in the air!

Oh, that’s…uh…that’s carbon emissions.

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But why, you ask, would we sponsor rainforest preservation instead of…other things?

Not only do rainforests host the oldest indigenous cultures in the world, but rainforests produce a full fifth of the world’s freshwater, contain two-thirds of the world’s species, and absorb 10% of human-generated CO2 emissions.

Enter Stage Right: Cool Earth, an organization that allows people to sponsor acreage in the rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

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The operative word here is “sponsor.” They don’t buy land. They’ve created financial incentives to allow indigenous people to maintain control of their ancestral land.

By building better incomes, better schools and better clinics, we give our partner villages the resources they need to keep their forest intact.

So don’t book your flight to come visit us in Ecuador. We’re only there in spirit!