Charlene Narcelles is a Customer Education Specialist at LinkedIn.

As a product expert she helps recruiters and heads of Talent Acquisition set their recruitment strategy to keep up with the changing talent landscape.

Alongside Nando Rodriguez (also speaking at DisruptHR) Charlene co-created the #Brand2Land workshop and, helping people brand themselves to ultimately land the job of their dreams.

Can you give us a review of what you will be speaking about at Disrupt HR New York?

I will be discussing the external candidate experience versus the internal candidate experience. Hiring managers tend to go above and beyond to court good external talent looking to join a company. But internal talent vying for a new position receives more relaxed reception, with open-ended meeting times and poor communication. Internal candidates might not even know a position was filled until they’re shaking hands with the new hire. 

Do you feel that the field of Human Resources is being or will be disrupted, and if so what’s driving the change? 

It’s great talent that’s disrupting human resources. Candidates on the job market are motivated, intelligent, educated go-getters with diverse skill sets. Jobs are no longer necessarily careers. The modern job seeker is likely to have worn many hats under many roofs. The diverse talents presented by a single candidate really challenge the practice of antiquated performance management processes and feedback loops. The talent coming through are digital, social, and demanding. They can’t be boxed into a simple title.

In your opinion, what are some outdated aspects of HR that need to be revised?

Technology. Too many companies cower at the mention of social media, but it can take employer branding and referrals to another level. Tech is not going anywhere. Embrace it!  Half the companies I work with are working with 10-year-old job descriptions. That’s the first thing we have to address. Innovative organizations recognize good talent. Old guard organizations are too mathematical and process oriented. Instead, they should tailor jobs to the uniquely skilled candidates knocking on their door. It’s far more complex and nuanced than finding a puzzle piece that fills a gap. 

If you could recommend any book to read before attending Disrupt HR New York, what would it be and why?

Every year at LinkedIn we have a personal development and team-building experience called Summer Learning. This year we read Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown, and it had a huge impact on me. We all struggle with overcommitment and trying to do absolutely everything. But we don’t stop reacting to sit and think, “What is necessary right now and will I be successful and will it be worth it? Is it a big bet with the potential for a huge payoff or will the gains be negligible compared to effort exerted?” With so much scrambling for our attention, McKeown’s concept of essentialism is, well, essential. 

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