'If not me, who? And if not now, when?': Emma Watson's challenge to those thinking about addressing gender equality.

Speaking at a UN conference last Saturday, Emma Watson gave an inspiring speech to launch UN Women's new campaign 'He for She'; which encourages everyone, regardless of gender or origin, to support equality between the sexes.

The campaign recognises that historically feminism as a movement has been overly driven and supported by women, and therefore hopes to galvanise as many men and boys as possible for change. It hopes to break down some of the negativity associated with feminism, highlighting it as a positive and powerful movement for the development of women's rights. As an actress and advocate for the social implications of the film industry, we at Casual Films are incredibly supportive of Emma's election to UN Ambassador and the work of UN Women as a whole.

Emma hopes to un-complicate the idea of feminism, and bring attention to the fact that gender equality is a men's issue too. She seeks to enforce that men are also imprisoned by gender stereotypes, and suggests gender should be considered as a spectrum instead of as two opposing ideals. By freeing both sexes from the prejudices and legalities enforced against them, the natural consequence will be that conditions improve for women. The same as any feminist, Emma believes that gender equality is a human right, and that women should be afforded the same respect and rights on social, economic and political grounds. She explains however that unfortunately there is no country as yet in the world where this is the case.

She recognises the privileges she has been granted in being nurtured and considered as equal to men by her teachers and parents, and is grateful to the film industry for the opportunities it has granted her. At Casual Films we are all proud to call ourselves feminists and are in full support of Emma's cause and the 'He for She' movement. We hope that equal rights prevail in the film industry as well as elsewhere in the professional world.