RADS 2015 selfie by @pink_squid/Twitter


1. The Casual Films #RADS2015 Young Filmmaker Competition

The Casual Films’ Young Filmmakers Competition gave youngsters 25 and under the opportunity to put their talent on display at the most important event of the year for recruitment communications in the UK. The RAD awards, with their 25th year now in the books, celebrate the biggest and brightest names and campaigns in the recruitment and employer branding industries. In doing so, they offer a serious platform for young artists with serious talent. By presenting his best work as an integral part of this special night, our competition’s winner earned some serious clout and established a firm footing in advance of what should be a bright future in the film industry.

Charged with devising a concept for a film that simply had to follow the theme of “Finding the right use for your greatness,” all of the competition’s entrants sought to create a piece of media that would encourage and inspire viewers to take their passions and skills and turn them into a career truly worth having. Though there were many worthy submissions, only one filmmaker could walk away victorious: congratulations to Dennis for his hilarious take on Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” and its origins! The winning short implies that even the greatest talents can be found in unlikely places. Although now that Dennis is firmly in the spotlight, we don’t expect he’ll be too hard to find.

In fact, agencies, companies, and brands can find him in one of the Casual Films team’s free creative sessions. We want to pass on the kind of creative wisdom that will inspire generations to come, so we’re giving you the opportunity to book our creative team and the winner of our contest for a unique sitdown. This completely free-of-charge consultation will allow us to provide valuable insight into how your brand can develop its own masterpiece. And as Dennis’ hard work and imaginative vision clearly demonstrate, you won’t find a more clear-cut path to creative success!

2. One memorable attendee after another.

All of Britain’s most talented direct recruiters, agencies, and HR professionals showed up in full force this year, and they made their presence known.

3. The Selfie Sticks were a huge success.

Our friends at Carve Consulting had the brilliant idea of distributing over 100 “selfie sticks” —  adjustable poles that give you that needed distance for a perfect self- or group-portrait.

These endlessly amusing party favours truly captured the spirit of the event, encouraging the hardworking people that drive this fantastic industry to let loose, get together, and say, “Cheese!” Formal attire aside, it looks like no one had any trouble letting down their hair for a little fun (okay, maybe a lot of fun) amidst all the pomp and circumstance.

Armed with smartphones and these handy gadgets, the industry’s top players set the Twittersphere ablaze with one rollicking selfie after another. Attendees both young and old documented this special night on their mobiles, making for a pretty serious web presence on the spot. But why did every one of them look like they were taken from the cabin of a Virgin Atlantic plane?

4. Remember when #RADS2015 was trending on Twitter in London?

These selfies might have had something to do with the RAD awards going viral. That’s right — by 9:30, #RADS2015 was a trending topic in the London Twittersphere, solidifying the ceremony’s status as a must-attend event for British businesses, recruiters, and filmmakers.

5. The night wouldn’t have been complete without its very own meme…

6…Or its very own hybrid taxi/photo booth

7. Lest we forget, the night started off with a bang, as surprise host Jimmy Carr took the stage!

It was quite clear from the start that Carr’s routine was getting “racy” in a hurry.

8. And we haven’t even mentioned the stars of the show, the #RADS2015 winners!

Graduate Campaign

School Leaver / Apprenticeship Campaign

Best Print Advertisement

Best Integrated Campaign

Audio Visual

Best Use of Mobile

Employer Website

Employer Brand


Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Candidate Interaction (including Gamification, Competitions)

Graduate Website

Employee Engagement

Recruitment Literature

Best Use of Social

Outdoor, Events, and Experiential


Work of the Year

9. Some good sports were in attendance

10. As well as some poor ones…

But in the end, a good time was had by all. The 2015 RADs were unquestionably one of the most memorable nights in the history of the event. Then again, what else could you expect from an historic 25th anniversary? Thanks to an amazing host, some equally amazing winners, and plenty of selfie sticks, this was a night that London won’t soon forget. And if it does, there’s no cause for worry: the 2016 RADs will be back in town before you know it!