Stand back, that trumpet’s gonna blow!

Rudyard Kipling once suggested that triumph and disaster were both imposters and should be disregarded in equal measure. We like that, it means balance, assuredness and a lack of potentially relationship damaging ego. So, with that in mind we’ve tried not to get too down when things go badly and we’ve tried to keep our feet on the ground when things go well – and by and large we’ve succeeded on both counts.

But then something unexpected happened. Something so very, very good that playing it cool just didn’t seem like an option any more. Having rummaged through Kipling’s back catalogue we’ve decided that he did cover this in The Jungle Book, well the Disney version at any rate, with King of the Swingers. So what has sent us to the roof tops to yell at London? Why do we feel like concrete jungle VIPs?

Because we are! Officially.


Yes, last night, bubbly poised, we got word that Barnaby and Nick had been voted in to the Guardian/Hospital Club 100 – an elite list of the 100 most influential and important individuals working in the creative industries. Every single bit of this fills us with pride: We were nominated for this wonderful recognition by our peers; voted in by you, the public; and it says to us in a way that’s actually quite difficult to comprehend that we are doing what we do pretty well indeed. We even made in into The Guardian.

To put it in some perspective other members of this year’s 100 include The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Richard Attenborough and Benedict Cumberbatch. We’re not suggesting for a second that they’ll be mentioning Casual Films in their blogs, but it’s remarkable company to be keeping.

Thanks firstly to everyone who took the time to vote for us. We also have to include a little humility here and say that this is something we couldn’t have hoped to achieve without the sterling work of our incredibly talented staff and freelancers. However to temper that it’s only fair to say that we (Nick and Barnaby) had the sense to employ this extremely talented lot, so maybe we do deserve all the credit.

Kidding… probably.

It all seems just a little bit too good to be true and it’s certainly going to take some topping but believe me we’re going to try. For the time being, however, you’ll find us on the rooftops, shouting, blowing trumpets and drinking champers.