We had 30+ respondents, ranging from corporate brands to eco-orientated organisations We asked companies to enter our survey on the sustainability of their brand for the chance to win a fantastic Fairphone. Here are the results...

To start off with: To what extent is your company doing enough to be a sustainable brand? Most people seemed to think theirs was doing well, though there was a substantial amount of 'nope, not enough' and 'just about enough'.

The general consensus was that sustainability definitely added value to a brand, with some people still needing a bit of convincing. It's good to know that people appreciate sustainability, we just need to do more now to integrate sustainable initiatives into the workplace.

There was a pretty broad spread regarding which mediums were used for stakeholder engagement. Use of website and social media were definitely up there, and we were happy to see that video plays an instrumental part too.

When asked: "Are natural disasters a valid way of engaging the public in climate change and sustainability issues?" Here are a selection of responses...

"While climate change should be a constant thought, yes natural disasters do bring it back into focus." Andy Palmer, CFA Group, SEO Executive Jemma Watkins, Bray Leino, Head of Social Media:

“Probably not unless the public are directly affected e.g. they live in the territory in question. Natural disasters always happen to ‘someone else’”.

Jenny Teasdale, Getty Images, Founder of Carbon Collaborations.:

"They're a great way to get reactive funds into charities providing relief, but I find engagement comes from happiness and positive proactive campaigns, rather than fear. "

Henry Hicks, Futerra, Creative Director:

"Only if you're very careful and sensitive with the messaging. Making political points off the back of personal tragedy is a risky business."

Niklas Kilberg, Volvo Car Group, Director Sustainability Coordination & Communication:

"I think it's better to focus on how we can be part of the solution to climate change and sustainability issues and talk about how we can make sure that future generations will be able to experience the world in the same way that we are. Building our materials on pictures and videos to show the beauty of our planet is a great way to demonstrate this."

Jake Goodman, Eco-age Sustainability Consultant:

"If we're talking about hurricanes or drought then absolutely, they by far and away the most tangible effect of climate change."

Noel Thomas, CA3, Creative Director and Chief Tea Maker:

"In a word, No. Natural disasters are awesome in the very real sense of the word - they hold people in awe. And, for a short space of time, they are a great way of raising awareness on issues such as climate change and sustainability. At the time, this is great for charities and the people they help, but as media coverage begins to dwindle the majority of people go back to their normal lives without any behavioural shift. They still use the same amount of electricity. They still drive to the shops. They still print out a document because it's easier to read that way. They still take baths (this one I don't mind, don't want smelly tube people do we?). I digress. The truth is natural disasters are only valid for a finite amount of time. If you really want to engage with people about climate change and sustainability, you need to change their behaviour. And to do that, you need to demonstrate 'What's in it for them'."

The new Fairphone! A beautiful piece of design, AND sustainable...


And the winner of our competition, for the candidate working for the organisation with the most sustainable practices, who has a management system to assess sustainability impact, and pushes sustainability out across a lot of mediums is....

Rachel Depree, Senior Engagement Manager, Sky Broadcasting!
Rachel was very happy to receive her new Fairphone:

“I was totally inspired by Fairphone after I saw them speak last year in London. A phone for ‘free’ from a brand I admire was a great surprise – thanks so much to Barnaby and the team at Casual Films.”

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