To dip our toes into the DisruptHR ocean, we sat down to talk with CDK Global’s Director of Employment Brand & Recruitment Marketing, Jessica Steinberg, who’ll be speaking at the first ever DisruptHR NYC tonight!

Jessica calls herself “one lucky brandista!” She and her team lead employment brand and recruitment marketing activities in the social, digital and traditional marketing arenas to help talented people become aware of what a great place to work CDK is.

What will you be speaking about at Disrupt HR?
My presentation is called “Do You Know Your Employer Brand from Your EVP?”

In 2014, my team and I had to develop an employer brand from scratch in under 90 days. ADP (Automatic Data Processing) had expanded and needed to streamline its operations by creating a second company, which didn’t even have a name when we started. Within 90 days, CDK Global, ADP’s spin-off company, was in the Top 100 most-searched companies on Glassdoor.

As employers, every company wants to be known as the employer of choice, but few can distinguish their employer brand from their employment value proposition. The workplace is changing. Millennials have different demands than earlier generations. Demands that don’t include 35 loyal years and a gold watch at the end.

I hope to share the key lessons I’ve learned from starting from scratch to delivering an employer brand, allowing you to go back to your company and talk to your CMO.

Do you believe the HR profession is being or will be truly disrupted, and if so, what’s driving this change?

Technology and social media have expanded the tools available to HR professionals. We see new startups surfacing almost daily to address a range of HR challenges. Something like Ongig provides HR pros with an agile and in-depth toolbox to market their company to prospective employees. But on the flip side of the coin, a site like Glassdoor really balances out the noise for talent, who are increasingly wielding the power, keeping employers on their toes.

In your opinion , where does the shift in HR need to occur?

I can’t speak for all of the HR Profession, however from where I stand, the HR of tomorrow will possess market expertise and will drive workforce planning, i.e., find where relevant concentrations of talent are and steer the ship in that direction. We’re not just nice little old ladies fielding resumes. HR professionals are evolving into  trusted business partners that advise on which markets we pull talent from and handle the whole employee life cycle.

If you could recommend a book for everyone in attendance to read before attending, what would it be?

Misplaced Talent: A Guide to Better People Decisions by Joe Ungemah. I think it really equips readers with the necessary understanding to make data-based decisions in the hiring process. This is a great how-to for being successful in talent space, attract and retain talent, and plan for future growth.

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