Katrina is a regular HR & Recruitment speaker, recently at SourceCon, SOSU Sourcing Summits, DK Recruitment Day, Signal Connect in Romania, HR Vision and to the Singapore Government.  

She has been opening keynote, closing keynote, session speaker, MC, workshop lead, track lead, and panelist. She’s presented many webinars, done radio, and co-hosted The #SocialRecruiting Show on Blab.im.

Her topic at the conference will be “Recruiting People in a Noisy World is an Art.”

What will you be speaking about at Disrupt HR and why did you choose this topic over any other?

My topic is about cutting through the noise. More and more people are getting on social media, and HR is as well. So what they’re coming up against is the LinkedIn spam, and also the recruitment agent spam. HR & In-house Recruiters want to gain access to people directly, but those people are already jaded. They’ve had so many emails that they stop paying attention. There are so many irrelevant messages from Recruiters who just cannot be bothered. It should be easier for HR or In-house Recruiters, it’s not because of all the noise.

So it’s partly about how to get a response, but also about how to look like a real person. Are you going to talk to this company that’s reaching out? Not if you can’t see a face! But over there, there’s this other Recruiter with a great photo, sharing great updated that give sneak peeks into the company, and they’ve great recommendations. They’ll be answered. So I’ll be talking about showing your personality being human.

There are so many methods of communication. Just because you’re sitting over your phone and email doesn’t mean the average person receiving your job message is. They might have Slack going, instant messaging, colleagues standing over them. There might be so much noise before you even get to the social media noise. This stops them from applying.

So what can I find out about a job seeker that I can put in the conversation when I call or email? What’s going to get their attention? Even what time am I going to send it? Part of cutting through the noise is doing the research to knowing their skill set and interests. No one should be making a job call without that information. And it takes seconds to find that stuff out. It’s not complicated.

It’s about not being part of the noise, but getting through it.


Do you believe the HR profession is being or will be truly disrupted, and if so, what’s driving this change?

Yes. Technology is driving it. It allows people from all walks of life, from all industries, from all around the world, to chat online and hear different ideas. They take these new ideas and either try to make the change, or they say, “You know what? F*ck this,” and move on to somewhere where their voices are heard. I see it all the time. Because technology is driving it, HR has to come out of the bubble and go out into the company. Their staff is on social media and could be poached. So from the retention point of view, they have to evolve.


In your opinion, where does the shift in HR need to occur?

I see a big shift that’s happening with in-house recruitment, which is going a lot slower than it should. There are still not enough companies involved in social media from fear or lack of understanding, particularly the smaller companies. But they need to now because people are becoming more and more demanding. They go on Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook, Twitter and more. From a recruitment point of view, it’s about attracting more, but also concerning retention. They just might not realize what people are saying. But the change is already happening.


If you could recommend a book for everyone in attendance to read before attending, what would it be?

Probably The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It’s about people being in their zone of genius and only doing what you love. It is the most amazing book. It doesn’t matter if you are with a firm or not, just doing what you love makes all the difference. It’s helped me to go up a level because I was in my comfort zone and not even aware.

Last question: favorite David Bowie song?

Eek! Only one? Probably “Changes.”