It was with delight that we accepted the invite to speak at the world famous (it will be after this one) Recruitstock in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest. Trusty troopers Adam (Head of Production), Corrina (Producer) and Nick (Creative D) donned Barbours and wellies in preparation for mud and camping in a field… which actually turned out to be a rather luxurious teepee, hay bales and a group of in-­house recruiters learning new skills.

Unsure what to entitle our presentation, which usually goes by the name of: The Art of Employer Video: Telling Your Brand Story, we plumped for the more realistic: A Hangover Session with Casual Films. In order to hold the attention of approximately 60 in house recruiters who had been socialising, learning and well, drinking for the past two days, we knew we’d have to mix in some games with the rest of the content. ‘Client / Agency / Production’ went down really well and Nick demonstrated Casual’s usual storytelling trick. Want to know more about them? You’ll have to come to one of our sessions in the future…


There are notable parallels between the first broadcast of television (1928) and the time that TV really became dominant (1951), and what’s happening in digital now. When a brand like Coca Cola changes its brand’s site to become a ‘sharer of stories’ other brands should take note. Coke realised they generated only 10% of the online content about their company and its brands. So they adopted a co-­creative approach to stay in the conversation and have some say in the meaning of their brand. Storytelling is important in employer communications because it’s the way that humans remember information as well as echoing the deeply rooted need of all humans to be entertained.

Stories are illustrative, easily memorable, and allow any company to create stronger emotional bonds with its customers or employees.

Brands As Broadcasters

An interesting trend pointed out to us by our friends at Team Detroit is that there are notable parallels between the first broadcast of television (1928) and the time that TV really became dominant (1951), and what’s happening in digital now. It took that long for broadcasters to realise what it took to be a TV network; that they needed a morning and evening news bulletin, a drama, a comedy, a late night show etc.

So despite Netscape being first widely available to consumers in 1994, most brands still haven’t figured out how to tell great stories with digital technology in a systematic way. The clever brands are starting to step back from the chaos and are implementing internal structures that mirror TV networks. They’re combining the PR machine with Marketing, Recruitment and Internal communications to curate their content.

Dare To Be Different

What happens if you don’t take risks and try to make your organisation stand out from the noise? You end up creating communication that looks like everyone else’s. Check out this Generic Brand Video and see if it looks familiar:

What’s Next

At Casual we realise that video on it’s own is only part of the puzzle, and so we will be working with different technology providers to help attract, recruit, select and onboard candidates into your organisation. We recently hosted an event with LaunchPad Recruits and 27partners on the day of the Women’s Semi Final at Wimbledon. It was themed around recruiting ball boys and girls by initially using video to attract them, then LaunchPad’s video interviewing software to select them, and finally 27partners bespoke onboarding platform to ensure a smooth integration from their first day. Please get in touch if you would like more details and to see the content produced for the event.

Interactive video is proving to be a popular and engaging way to use video at various stages in the employee lifecycle. Deloitte in New Zealand created an innovative onboarding video which you can see here.

We’ve used interactive videos for our newsletter and for a project that we worked on with a homelessness charity, and currently have some employee focused projects that we’re working on right now, so keep an eye on our website for new developments.