In-house filmmaker extraordinaire Matt Oliver puts a lovely set of Zeiss Otus primes to the test...

The Zeiss Otus primes are without doubt some of the best lenses we’ve tested. The selection of 28mm, 55mm and 85mm allowed us great coverage while on a demanding, fast-paced shoot. The 28mm holds detail and sharpness wide open across the whole frame and is even excellent as a portrait lens. All three lenses delivered crisp contrast and sharpness.

"The build quality of these lenses is superb"

The build quality of these lenses is superb – they’re very robust and include an all-metal lens hood. The aperture and focus rings glide with real smoothness and allow firm grip, and the clear focal markings are very helpful. I found them to be incredibly versatile in all forms of lighting, whether it be a full interview set up or out in natural daylight. They have a wonderful bokeh and fall off, knocking the background out even at f4.

Choosing a favourite out of the three I would say the 28mm, which I used roughly around 70% of the time.

Overall in terms of lens design, build, and optical performance I can’t recommend these Zeiss primes high enough, and we will be using them again in many of our current and future projects!

Casual Star Rating: ★★★★★

– Matt Oliver, Filmmaker.

Many thanks to Visual Impact for lending us the lenses to try out.