We simply have to stay in touch…

We’ve all done it, you’re on holiday and fuelled by sunshine and cocktails you meet some new people that you get along with and decide that you will definitely have to keep in touch when you get home. Of course no-one ever does, in the past they might have got a Christmas card every year from here to eternity, today they’ll be added on facebook and enjoy the occasional witty exchange and that’s that.

Not for Nick though.

No, Casual Films Creative Director doesn’t throw the phrase ‘Let’s keep in touch’ around lightly. So when he met musician Martin Harley on holiday last Easter and they bonded over a Jagermeister or two they decided they must do something together, they had to keep in touch. When Nick says it, he means it.

What they did together wasn’t an awkward night at the pub where you realise you don’t have as much in common as it seemed whilst tipsy and full of seafood, no instead they decided to make a couple of music videos. As you do.

So armed with a crew of one – Nick would assume every role on the production, from Runner through to Director and everything in between – two of Martin’s finest songs and a small budget for props the pair headed off to Barbados (well you would, wouldn’t you?) for five days and got busy.

Cardboard King, a haunting acoustic number, was shot in the spooky grounds of an old doctors surgery, and we’re assured that no-one felt scared in any way whatsoever. Honest.

The video for Mojo Fix took more inspiration from the surroundings. It was set in the abandoned garrison buildings and used a handful of sailing flares to light the atmospheric tunnels below.

Nick tells us that the smoke from the flares nearly choked the pair of them, so it’s probably fair to say that the one job he can’t be relied to do on a set is the risk assessment! The main thing is they survived, and thanks to some cracking editing from Matthew back in the office these two videos stand to highlight two rather talented individuals who are certainly prepared to work hard for their art. Provided it’s in Barbados.