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Here at Casual we’re always trying to push the boundaries creatively. And in order to do that we’ve taken a leaf out of Google’s book (the giving staff time to work on personal projects, not the tax avoidance bit).  We have offered to support the production of whatever creative project a member of staff would like to undertake up to a cash value of £500 and two days of Casual time.

First out of the blocks was Florrie Cassell who worked with freelance director James Gardner to produce a film for the Virgin Media Shorts competition.  They shot over a day in Chigwell Cemetery and were very pleased when they managed to secure Dudley Sutton of Lovejoy fame to play the part of Bill.

Well done to Florrie and James for pulling off such a lovely film, Guy Hixon for the sound mix and design and for more info and production stills see the website here.