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Make your company sing out loud and proud with its corporate youtube channel

Follow these easy tips for success…

- If you have a channel, you need subscribers. These key steps will help you get them:

- Post & Update regularly.
- Know your audience and create tailored content which interests them.
- Understand your company needs and create videos which serve them; i.e. product demo’s and illustrative animations.
- Great design communicates brand and sends a positive message.
- Integrate calls to action (and pick up useful marketing info from customers!)
- Use music and playlists to captivate and engage users.
- Link with all social media channels.
- Always show the best of your content ONLY. Remember quality not quantity. You want as many videos rated with a thumbs up as possible!

Apple's Youtube Channel
Cisco's Youtube Channel
Siemen's Youtube Channel

Channel's which have got it right!

The Siemen's Youtube Channel is an example of where a channel has got it right in using a powerful message on the opening page to pull in viewers and communicate a strong brand message. Siemen's opening statement of "Powering the planet with the power of nature" engages with viewers, and encourages people to watch their videos to find out more about the company's purpose and work.

- Videos should be maximum 5 minutes in length, ideally between 1-3 minutes. For videos over 10 minutes split them into segments. FOCUS ON YOUR CONTENT:

- Upload all videos into a single branded Youtube channel to boost authority, rather than lots of channels.
- Don’t upload all your content at once, upload bit by bit to keep subscribers interested and create a constant flow.
- Tag your videos with words relating to what the video is about, e.g. place names, people’s names or brand names.
- Interact with your channel as you would a social network, for example have an area for subscribers to comment.
- Promote your channel via your other social networks.


- To increase the chance of your video appearing within Google’s organic search results you need to embed videos within other external blogs and websites, to generate traction towards YOUR youtube channel.


The following will affect how each of your videos rank within YouTube:

- Number of channel subscribers.
- Frequency of new video uploads to the channel.
- Ratio of thumbs up/thumbs down for each video.
- Video engagement.

Want to learn more? Download the comprehensive document below all about creating an effective corporate youtube channel.

Xbox's Youtube Channel
Teach for America's Youtube channel

Teach for America (the sister organisation to TeachFirst in the UK) is an excellent example of how focussed and inspiring content can be used to attract a specific target audience. We particularly love the 'discussion' part of the channel (shown below) where viewers can post their opinions and feedback of what they come across: a great example of social interaction. It's important to let viewers know they can have their voice heard.

Teach for America's discussion panel