Well, our week in Aberdeen was certainly an eventful one.

With the chance to do something more than a bit different, we were stupidly keen to push forward with a bold creative when TAQA approached us for a recruitment film. TAQA wanted a stunning film, which would attract the industry's smartest, brightest and most passionate in the energy sector. Their strapline, 'We Mean Energy' gave us more than enough to run with and we decided to give 'energy' a whole new meaning in the world of recruitment.
We had a whole week in Aberdeen, to delve into the different lines of work within TAQA and to capture the best of Aberdeen, and who knew it'd be so fascinating!

Our first day saw us board a huge shipping vessel out of Aberdeen Harbour, with safety gear galore and the Captain talking us through procedures. We were ready, Steadicam rigged, swaying in unison with decidedly uneasy stomachs.

Feeling a little less queasy, on our second day we headed over to the TAQA offices, to film their employees. We were given a warm welcome and promptly took over a large floor space with excessive amount of kit. But this was no normal office; nearly everyone's screens were full of colourful graphs and diagrams, that while I certainly didn't understand them, I hoped they did. They were all smiling, which was unexpected, considering the grey, ominous and low-hanging clouds and the damp chill in the air. Nonetheless, within no time, the whole floor seemed to find great hilarity in their colleagues being filmed and were all keen to appear as smiling, laughing extras!

But our day was not through yet... No, we had one more thing in store for Nick, Adam and Catherine that afternoon… they were to film Aberdeen from above. So Adam Etherington, harnessed in and legs hanging out the side, took off into the air with Nick, to film the landscape of Aberdeen from hundreds of feet in the air.

The next day was what I was looking forward to most…filming an Arabian horse, chestnut brown in colour, galloping with stamina along Balmedie Beach at sunrise. Now, for a girl who doesn't really like animals (sorry animal lovers) even I could not deny the beauty of these stunning creatures.

Our fourth day took us to an industrial park where we filmed TAQA employees' onsite at Aker Qserv. Qserv provide well intervention and process and pipeline services to TAQA and proved a really visually interesting location to film. It was a hub of activity as there were men everywhere working on large machinery, forklifts and cranes aplenty.

Our final day saw the final of our early rises. We were keen to film the morning shifts at the Heliport. The men (and a handful of women) were already dressed in their survival suits, getting the usual briefing before boarding the helicopters, to be taken out to the oil rigs. It was a surreal place and a surprisingly quiet one really, considering the usual buzz of a terminal. We explored the place to its' fullest, capturing the scheduling, the landings and takeoffs, the anxiously waiting riggers, the going-ons in the hanger and the hungry returners.

After that we headed to our final destination: the Core Labs. This was a quiet place of work, where scientists and geophysicists studied the makeup of core, extracted from thousands of metres below the ocean's surface, smelling of the wanted ingredient: oil.

Many thanks to David Priestley from TAQA who proved to be an excellent host. At the end of a packed week, we returned to London exhausted, but happy. The film is in post production now, so watch this space.

Guest blog by Corrina Stegner.