We already know that there is a growing trend for using film when recruiting, and video content can be an invaluable tool for attracting and engaging the most talented candidates. But what about the rest of the employee lifecycle?

During a recent SHRM webcast, we found that 27% of the companies asked didn’t know what their need for film was going to be in the coming year. In addition, our polls suggest that many of you believe your need for video will significantly increase in the next year. So, for those of you who are thinking about ways to increase your catalogue of enticing and informative video content, we’ve got a wealth of possibilities that can work to help you compete for (and keep) the best in the business…

Grow Your Employer Brand and Awareness Online

Your company is a great place to work, so spread the word! Awareness leads to attraction, and embracing the opportunity to market who you are and what you do on your social or commercial platforms can commandeer the right people. Once you’ve told your brand story, flaunt your prowess with compelling content at the entry stage. This is where the relationship starts and it’s your chance to sell your company’s benefits. Film thrives on social platforms, has greater reach and helps to drive traffic.

Applying, Assessment and Selection: Optimising Your Website

When candidates are applying, clarify which roles are available and how they fit into the wider business. Film allows you to communicate workplace expectations. Communicating these messages early means that only the most relevant people will come forward. Assessment and selection videos are also a great jargon-busting method for explaining what will be required on the day, which will help bring out the best in your applicants.

Captivate Your Workforce: From Attraction to Retention

Once you’ve selected your leading candidates, you can give them a warm welcome at the job offer and induction stage by sending them a bite-sized starter kit. It’s hard to explore the company culture in an interview setting. But film can be an effective way of giving new starters a way to see the space and get their bearings.  By outlining the organisational structure, new hires will be able to quickly familiarise themselves with key figures.

During the first 90 days, it’s important to remain accessible. Developing a go-to digestible hub through your internal channels and maintaining on-going communication, not only wins hearts and minds, but keeps them.

Perhaps you want to pitch your latest Corporate Social Responsibility  initiatives or give staff a refresh staff of the company values? The many uses for film in the HR space makes you approachable, personable and boosts employee satisfaction. 

Keep in Touch

During our webcast to SHRM members, we found that only 0.5% of those asked had used film to communicate with their alumni network. Many of your alumni are likely to want stay connected to their legacy and keep up with the company’s current performance. These are the people you have ‘loved and lost’, so whether you want to use film to encourage them to return or promote yourselves to their like-minded network, by publishing alumni updates on career networking sites like LinkedIn, you’re keeping the dialogue open.