I recently went to the top of the Shard. It cost me £60.

Going up in the lift I was full of excitement, eager to see London sprawling out beneath me, and to show how manly I was by definitely not being afraid of heights.

And at first it was great. I admired the view, tried to spot my house, smugly corrected some tourists on their landmark identification, had some 9/11 based moments of panic… all the usuals.

And very few things that cost £7.50 a minute, in my opinion, are generally worth it. It was only when I got back down that I realised what a spectacular rip off it was. Not because the Shard itself failed to live up to expectations, but more because, after glancing at my watch, I discerned that I'd only been up there for 8 minutes. And very few things that cost £7.50 a minute, in my opinion, are generally worth it.

If only I had been sent up there to shoot a time lapse, rather than celebrate a stupid anniversary I thought! It would have guaranteed at least a 30 minute stint. Maybe even an hour. And then I really would have got my moneys worth.

You see at Casual, we have spent countless hours perched on top of high buildings, or stood perfectly still in the middle of busy streets, or camped out in areas of natural beauty – all in the name of time lapse.

No longer do we have to worry about driving eight hours to see the Grand Canyon, looking at it for five minutes and then wondering what's for tea. We can simply get out our tripod, strap on the camera, and kick back guilt-free for hours at a time.

We love time lapses. They look great. They bring static scenes to life. And they can be really useful in communicating certain narratives.

So we thought we'd share a few of our recent attempts, firstly to show how cool they are, and secondly - perhaps more importantly - to save any unsuspecting victims a misguided trip to the top of the Rockefeller building.