The wonderfully wise people over at have written a short article on the use of video to enhance a company's internal communications rather aptly titled "Using Video to Enhance Internal Comms".

They discuss how it's getting increasingly harder to encourage employees to log onto an intranet system for information updates and that frequent in-person meetings, hand-outs and emails are a waste of time and resources.

Even social media platforms that facilitate a two-way dialogue between communicators and their audience are struggling to make a connection, as employees simply feel too busy.

The Melcrum guys did a spot of research on the most effective ways to get an employee's attention. As you'd expect from the article's title they found that the use of video delivered the best results. Their research showed that "93% of internal comms teams see video as an important tool, with two-thirds of respondents planning to increase budgets for video in the coming months". More importantly, "more than 54% of internal comms professionals said their employees now expect to see video used for communication inside the organisation".

These findings aren't that surprising as they reflect trends in both the consumer and employment markets (have a look at our Graduate Recruiter article for more on this). A video is much easier to digest than a chunk of heavy text and will take a much smaller slice of time from the audience's frantic schedule.

But perhaps I don't need to convince you that video's the way to go. You're already here so there's a good chance you've at least been considering video as an option or you've tried making a video and it's not got the reception you expected.

Choosing video as a communication tool is only the first step. The second is finding an interesting and engaging format in which to package your information. Why not have a browse through a small selection of our corporate comms videos for a few examples of the many ways you can reach your employees…