In our three-part series, celebrity chef Anne Burrell presents three pickle-loving summertime dishes for Vlasic’s Bold & Spicy Challenge.

Each spot ends with a culinary challenge to the Vlasic audience, but they each start with crazy challenges for our crew.

Q. How do you make a five-foot sandwich?  

A. Everyone holds on for dear life and doesn’t let go.

Q. How many real-life burgers does it take to make one cinema burger?

A. Lost count, but now I have a stomach ache

Q. How do you drink a Bloody Mary that has 15 outsized garnishes?

A. One really long straw.   

We were so inspired that we ran back to the office to create our own Bold & Spicy contenders. Unfortunately, we forgot about the whole “documenting” it thing. You’re just gonna have to take our word for it. Thanks to Kate Durling at Cake for asking us to join this great project!

Speaking of which, don’t forget our Casual Summer BBQ on Thursday August 20th at our Brooklyn office at 73 Calyer in Greenpoint!
Bon apetit!