Yesterday we invited some prominent leaders from the world of recruitment advertising to come and judge the RAD Awards Young Filmmakers Competition at Casual Films HQ. Each of the six shortlisted entrants pitched their idea for a film on the brief 'Finding the right use for your greatness' to our panel of 14 judges, and the winner was then selected.

The judging panel boasted some well known industry names who understand what it takes to produce and direct successful video. Amongst the judges were Anna Ecclestone from RBI, Doug Hewett from People Made and Sarah Rozario from JP Morgan.

Aside from the fun and games of taking part, the judging panel had a tough time shortlisting the candidates! They were treated to some really strong creative ideas, presented in engaging ways.

16 year-old Aminah Khan developed an inspiring concept focussing upon the greatness in everyone. Her idea incorporated a viral using #Faces OfGreatness, designed to promote the RAD Awards, and recruitment industry as a whole, in the lead up to the event.

Likewise Will de Ritter's idea played upon an easily identifiable scenario, of a football game and the fear of being picked last. However in Will's film, the player turns circumstances in his favour by 'rewriting the rulebook' and picking up the ball instead of running with it, hence inventing the game of rugby as we know it! Will also exhibited a sound understanding of production planning and budgeting, appreciated by the judging panel.

It was however Denis' Dobrovoda's combination of superbly crafted creative concept and strong production skills which won over the judges, making him the overall winner.
Denis' idea is fun, punchy and different. It is based on Da Vinci's Last Supper, playing with the idea of how Da Vinci's life would have been different if he had not nurtured his great talent in painting. It presents him as a useless barman and follows him as he seeks his greatness elsewhere through painting. This unusual and artistic concept struck a chord with the judges, and Denis' mature, well thought out pitch made him a great candidate for the production as a whole.

Casual Films are very excited about working with Denis to turn his idea into reality and make an attention grabbing, awards worthy video to launch the RAD Awards ceremony in January!

Watch this space!