The revered French novelist Françoise Sagan once said "Money may not buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus," and we're inclined to agree. Not that we have anything to cry about however as we very much enjoyed creating this recruitment video, in collaboration with TMP UK, for the luxury car brand Jaguar Land Rover who we're very proud to work with, so don't expect to see any tears on the Number 30 to Angel anytime soon. The video showcases, through a series of 'moments', the benefits of working for a brand responsible for fast, sexy cars that have been driven by everyone from Steve McQueen to James Bond, as well as being some of the discerning vehicles of choice for our Royal Family, so fingers crossed producing their video means some of that fast, sexy coolness has rubbed off on us by proxy, which will make travelling on the Number 30 that much more of a sleek and stylish affair. Thanks to Ian Foster, Keni Wong and Jon Porter over at TMP for making this happen.