TAQA Bratani wanted a stunning recuitment film that would raise awareness of their brand in Aberdeen, to attract the industry's smartest, brightest and most passionate in the energy sector. Their strapline, 'We Mean Energy' gave us more than enough to run with and we decided to give 'energy' a whole new meaning in the world of recruitment. We spent a whole week shooting in Aberdeen, delving into the different lines of work within TAQA, capturing the beautifully cinematic views of the local area, and having a whole load of fun with helicopters and horses. It turns out that getting a riderless horse to run along a beach right on cue is pretty tricky - who would have thought? Luckily we got there in the end and our hard work paid off - TAQA were so pleased with the resulting film, that they asked us to cut a 30 second TV commercial, and a 60 second cinema ad - which is the version you see here. In the four months after the launch of the film, the company’s online recruitment site received 54,611 page views – an increase of 500%.